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What kind of toys and play will help my baby’s development?

How you play with your baby, and what kinds of things are in your baby’s environment can support development. Assessment and strategies can guide you.  Read more here.

I’m tired. how do I help my baby sleep better?

Responsive parenting supports development of independent sleep. See how everyone in your family can progress towards a better night's sleep here.

Supporting Infant Development with Empathy, Evidence, and Experience

Helping our children grow and develop is joyful and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming.  

As parents we support our children through countless transformations, yet parenthood also changes us profoundly.

Parents are often concerned about sleep, infant and child development, and feeding/mealtimes.

It's OK to ask for help. 

Challenges with infant sleep, development, and feeding require a holistic, evidence-based, and compassionate approach that acknowledges a family’s strengths, and a child’s uniqueness. It also requires a biological-, and attachment-based approach that does not force change, but rather encourages small shifts in the environment around a child that create long-lasting, positive changes in child and family development.

I provide assessment, education, and recommendations for supporting sleep, infant development, and eating. 

I work with families to identify strengths, needs, and options to create environments that are nurturing and healthy for the whole family.

I listen.

I value your knowledge, intuition, and vision for your family, your children, and yourself. 

You are there for your child.  A little help can go a long way.

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