A Moment to Reflect on Sleep

Saturday May 12 2018

As I prepare for Wednesday's Sleep Workshop, I am getting excited about meeting 10 moms with 10 little babies (and siblings too!). Getting ready for the workshop has meant taking time to remember our own family's sleep journey (which is still in progress!).

I remember the blissful moments of watching my babies' chests rise and fall, and wee baby sighs. Of feverish toddlers falling asleep in my arms, and of my older boys cuddling into me at night for comfort.

I also remember the physical and mental pain of sleep deprivation in the early days; the struggle I had with balancing their basic biological need for nurturing with my need to sleep; the sacrifices I am glad I made that I know now could have been made with better balance. I remember what advice helped us through, and I remember what advice was inadequate or hurtful.

Through all of that, I am so reassured that my primary goal, even through bumps and doubt, was to give my kids what they needed. This photo was one I took this morning of my 3 and 6 year old snuggling together. It can be a long long road to get to this point. But I'm happy to be where we are now, and to be able to share some wisdom, knowledge, and strategies with those still in the thick of it.