air quality

Your Environment Matters


This month I am pleased to be attending a conference of the International Society for Environmentally-Acquired Illness in Arizona.  The conference will build on my knowledge of chronic illness from mold, water-damaged buildings, lyme disease, and tic-borne illnesses.  As one of seven Canadians, and the only Occupational Therapist in the Society I am aware of how little information is available in Canada on environmental illness, and how difficult it is to find practical support and accurate information on environmentally-acquired illness.  I am eager to develop resources to support families who are concerned about indoor air, and environmental health.

As an OT working with families and young children, I understand the impact that our environment can have on infant and child development, and am enthusiastic about supporting families to improve their environments to support health and wellness.

Environment encompasses an important part of my assessment and work with families, and this conference will build on this knowledge set in order to better support families who suspect that environment is one component of the challenges that they are experiencing.

With Earth Day having just been celebrated this week, and with our attention turning to ways we can reduce our impact through environmental action, I cannot think of a better time to put environmental health and environmental illness front of mind.