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Due to lack of interest, Bottle Baby Drop-in is no longer being offered. Instead, Infant Sleep Cafes will be offered during this time slot to meet the need for St. Catharines-based infant sleep support.


bottle feed like a boss…

Starting September 14, 2019 I will be facilitating a Niagara-based drop-in group for parents who bottle-feed their babies. This will be a free pilot project offered the second Saturday a month until December 2019.

The Purpose is to meet a need among bottle-feeding families to validate the experience, to identify challenges with feeding, and to explore attachment-based approaches to bottle-feeding that allow families to increase the level of connection that feeding your babies can bring.

The Goals of the group include:

  • Support for exclusively-bottle feeding, and bottle/breastfeeding moms

  • Sharing experiences and stories about the challenges and barriers to bottle-feeding

  • Screening for feeding challenges that may require further support

  • Community resources and information

  • A chance to sit and rest in a group that fully supports your circumstances, individual decisions, and hurdles around bottle-feeding your baby

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario.


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