The below packages include home visit consultation within Niagara and phone/video consultation across Ontario.  

Although the focus of each of these packages is on infant sleep, my assessment and recommendations consider your infant's development,  your infant's environment (home environment, parenting role with other siblings) and your family's goals.  If you are interested in consultation that are not specific to sleep (e.g. child development, play, indoor environment, or gentle parenting approaches to toilet training, and discipline), please connect with me about tailoring a consultation to your aims.

Check into your extended health benefits: Occupational Therapy fees may be covered.



You have a sleep challenge and you want ideas NOW!  This 30 minute phone consultation is solution-focused.  It is designed to quickly identify 'typical' sleep expectations for your infant's age, barriers to sleep, and ideas and tips on changing the sleep environment, routine, or approach.  We will also ensure you have considered your own sleep needs.  Most sessions can be booked within 24 hours.  A Quick Connect session involves:

  • You completing an intake form prior to consultation.
  • Thirty minute phone consultation to identify challenges, problem solve solutions, and create a plan that you can implement.
  • This is a short, solution-focused phone call to help make changes right away.  More complex sleep situations will require more support.  


HOME VISIT  $250 (Available on Saturdays only)

Home is where it all happens!  This consultation allows me to get the fullest sense of your infant's sleep space, to meet them 'in their element', and offer tailored ways to adjust routines and environment, while also putting normal sleep development into context. 

  • In-depth intake form prior to consultation.
  • 60 minute initial consultation and history in home.  Assessment of sleep environment.
  • Written assessment and recommendations/strategies.
  • Written list of recommended resources.
  • E-mail support (Password protected emails) twice a week for two weeks.
  • One 15 minute follow up phone or video check-in within a week.
  • Final 15 minute phone or video check-in within two weeks.


FOLLOW-UP HOME VISIT $175 (Available on Saturdays)

For those who have had an initial home visit consultation within the previous two months, this follow-up visit includes:

  • One hour consultation in home.
  • Written strategies.
  • One 15 minute follow-up phone or video consultation within one week



This support package is designed for those wanting short-term phone or video-based support and follow-up, or when the sleep challenges are somewhat complex (medical issues, prematurity, developmental concerns, complex family situation).  This support includes:

  • In-depth intake form prior to consultation.
  • 45 minute initial consult and history (available during the day or evening).
  • Written summary, recommendations, strategies, and resources.
  • E-mail support (password protected emails) twice a week.
  • One 15 minute phone or video check-in within a week.
  • Final 15 minute phone or video check-in within two weeks.



This session is designed to address a sleep concern related to typical development and shift in parenting style.  It includes a detailed intake process to help identify appropriate solutions.  If you feel like the sleep challenges you are experiencing are common, this may be appropriate.  If it turns out, after we talk, that you want more support, that's ok!  We can figure that out together by the end of our initial consultation.  This session includes:

  • In-depth intake form prior to consultation
  • 45 minute initial consult and history by phone or video link
  • Written recommendations
  • 15 minute phone or video check-in within 2-7 days (depending on time frame for recommendations)



This phone or video consultation is for those who have consulted with me in the past 30 days and are looking to build on strategies they have already implemented or to address emerging new sleep situations.  It includes:

  • 30 minute update and problem-identification with verbal plan
  • E-mail support twice over 7 days
  • 15 minute follow-up call within one week