Infant and Child Development


the world has changed.  babies have not.

Babies' basic needs have not changed very much throughout time, despite how much of the world around them has.  They still require nurturing, attachment to a few caring adults, and an environment that supports their physical, intellectual, and emotional development.  Finding ways to support this development is important, particularly when the world around us is changing at a pace that is often hard to keep up.



You may find a consultation helpful if:

  • You are curious about understanding infant and child development better;

  • You have concerns or questions about your child's development;

  • You want to change your child's physical, social, or emotional environment to better support your child's development.

babies grow.  and so do parents.

Becoming a parent, and growing into one's role as a parent, is exciting and daunting.  Parents who wish to raise their children in a thoughtful and deliberate way may find it helpful to reflect on their parenting goals, the way they themselves were raised, and the vision they have for their family over time.

You may find a consultation helpful if:

  • You envision practicing gentle attachment-based parenting and want to develop more skill;

  • You want to simplify or 'tidy up' your family routines or environment;

  • You have had family or personal challenges and want to re-prioritize demands, or shift your focus towards family, your children, and parenting while still maintaining your other passions.

Photo by Josh Willink

Photo by Josh Willink