Why am I, as an OT, conducting an online interview with a mom about Lyme disease?

First, Leigh Mitchell’s story is compelling and informative. I want to help share her story because her experiences may help other families navigate illness and health recovery.

Second, I have the software tools to connect families online for learning. I use them through my telepractice and for online workshops. Offering these tools to help share Leigh’s story is something I can do to support parent advocacy for child health, and I am glad to be able to do this.

Last, as someone with an environmentally acquired illness, I want to support those who have experienced illness in learning from each other. Environmentally acquired illness is not yet well understood; by conducting this interview I can support greater awareness and understanding of a complex issue.

My professional goal is to help parents thrive in the early years. When illness undermines this, information and awareness are key tools to help navigate decision-making.

I invite you join us on August 17th.