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The Art and Science of Infant Sleep

  • Lookout Ridge Retirement Home Fonthill (map)

Infant Sleep.  There's a Better Way.





Join us at this free family-centred workshop to connect with Heather Boyd, O.T. Reg. (Ont) and other families of young children.  At the June Drop-In we will be discussing something that parents wish they had more of, and babies don't seem to want enough of: SLEEP!   

There are basic biological and developmental needs of infants that sometimes feel at odds with what we expect and what we need as parents, and sleep is one of those big ones.

We will bust the myths of infant sleep, including the myth that there are only two options for tired parents: cry it out, or be a martyr.  There is another way: respect and nurture your baby's sleep needs (without letting them cry it out) and make fundamental changes to our approach and our expectations to meet our own sleep needs.  

I plan to cover:

  • attachment-theory
  • the science of infant sleep (what are the basic biological needs)
  • common challenges
  • popular sleep training methods (cry it out, controlled crying)
  • advantages of night-time parenting
  • self-care
  • how to set up a safe sleep environment

The size of the group and the time we have means that we will focus on an overview of infant sleep and night-time parenting.  The goal is to understand the basics of infant sleep so that you can feel more informed and confident about supporting your infant's sleep needs.  To problem solve specific sleep challenges, consider scheduling an individual one-on-one consultation with me or let me know that you are interested in a small-group problem-solving session.  Explore my fees here.

 If you have concerns about nurturing your infant's healthy relationship with sleep, or your own sleep, please join us.

Infant Sleep.  There's a Better Way.  


Further Details:

My approach to sleep education and support provides alternatives to 'crying it out' and finds ways to shift from a practice of letting babies 'cry it out' towards meeting the needs of infants in nurturing and evidence-based ways.  I welcome you to come to explore ways of shifting to a more responsive way of helping everyone in the family get their sleep needs met.   It's all about making small changes that respect your parenting values and instincts. 

This is a family-oriented event.  Older siblings are welcome.  Please consider bringing a blanket for baby to lie on, a quiet (non-battery) toy to play with, and, for pre-school and school-age siblings, developmentally reasonable, non-electronic activities.  There is space for up to 10 rollers/crawlers with their parents, plus siblings.