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Virtual Meet & Greet

Wear your fuzzy socks, bring your favourite cup of tea, and join me on-line for a chance to chat about all things parenting. Whether you have questions about what I do, or have stories to share, I’d love to have you join me.

Register for the event here:

I’ll be sure to touch on:

  • Tired parents, and sleepless kiddos: why an attachment-based approach to sleep helps everyone

  • The worry about making our kids grow up to be smarter, faster, and better: why going back to basics with play is the best way to support your child’s natural strengths and development

  • Mealtime messes: how to take a step back from the battle of picky or selective eaters and frustrating miserable mealtimes

If there are those interested, I can also make sure we have time to chat about:

  • Bottle-feeding and transitions to solids

  • Transitions to toddler beds

  • The “must have toy” of the season (hint: it’s free)

  • Safe indoor environments for babies: what’s in your cleaning cupboard? Why does your vacuum make a difference?

  • What to do when kids throw their food

  • Why rough-housing and horse play is so important, even for (or especially for!) babies with complex histories

Looking forward to this chat.

(And those who register get an additional 5% off workshop fees for February)



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