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Seven Ways to Make a Healthy Home

This 8-week online course will provide practical strategies for improving the health of your home in seven short, recorded modules.

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This eight-week online course is comprised of seven modules for improving your home and family health through environmental strategies. The course will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience. Each module is offered individually and is 30 minutes long.

The course is designed to inspire small, manageable actions and to build on your family’s intention to leverage environmental measures to improve health. The focus is on building knowledge and capacity, encouraging small change that can make a big difference, and providing options that allow individual families to make choices that fit their values and their capacity.

The planned modules are:

Module 1: Clean air

Module 2: Clean food

Module 3: Clean water

Module 4: Clean house

Module 5: Maintaining your home

Module 6: Outdoor air

Module 7: Good, clean dirt!

Bonus modules will be added for those taking the full course. Proposed bonus modules include: Minimalism, The indoor generation, Parenting with grace, Community connection, and Hope for a cleaner world. Resources, references, and actionable items will be included with each module.

The expected cost is $7 per module, or $49 for the full course including the bonus modules (12 weeks in total)

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Later Event: September 27
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