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Foundations of Infant Sleep on the Web

Learn the What and Why of Infant Sleep and Infant Sleep Challenges

On the Web November 24th

Sleep: we all need it to be healthy. But it's not always easy to come by with babes and young children in the house.

Join me on Saturday November 24th for an interactive, virtual sleep workshop. This workshop will give you the information and tools you need to support sleep in the early days and beyond. The best part is if you sleep in and miss it, it will be recorded and available for you to watch when it's right for you!

This workshop is ideal for pregnant women and partners, parents with young infants, or professionals wanting to understand more about the biological basis of infant sleep. It provides an overview of what to expect, how to problem solve typical sleep challenges (so you may not need a sleep trainer), and when to seek more support. The information is applicable to older infants too and will help in understanding why sleep issues emerge and how to support sleep. Medical issues that contribute to sleep challenges, how to rule them out, and how to address them will also be discussed.

Invoices are available for Ontario residents who have Occupational Therapy coverage.

The cost for this 90 minute class is $50 per couple (caregivers in the same household).  Register and pay before November 17 for the fee of $40. Participants will:

  • Be able to listen and participate in the live 90 minute workshop on-line;

  • Have access to the workshop video recording to re-watch (or to watch for the first time if life gets busy and you cannot attend live!). The recording will be available for two weeks following the class;

  • Receive a handout with basic concepts covered in the class;

  • Receive a resource list with book and website recommendations related to infant sleep;

  • Receive an invitation to a free 30 minute Q&A about infant sleep approximately one week after the class. This Q&A will be open to all past participants and will be an opportunity to ask questions that you didn’t think of during the workshop! For those who cannot attend the live class (e.g. you’re in the Pacific Time Zone and that is just too early!), this recording allows you access to the workshop at a time that fits your schedule.

The value of this 1.5 hour workshop and 30 minute Q&A is that, armed with information and strategies, you may find you feel you have the tools you need to ride out and support the sleep challenges you and your family are experiencing. However, if you find that you want more support, you’ll be leaps ahead in terms of understanding the basics of infant sleep. A private sleep consultations are available to Ontario residents by phone or video ($100/hour) or through a home visit ($250). Rates for private consultation are expected to increase November 1st.

For more information or to register e-mail me or call 905-749-8254 or complete the online form, which will also place you on a mailing list for future events. Register before November 17 for an early rate of $40 per family.