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Mamahood On the Web Week 3 -Authentic Motherhood


Mamahood on the Web is being offered at $20 per one hour class, or $50 for all three in the series. If you do not require video recording, the fee is $15 per session or $35 for all three. Rates will go up in the winter.

Mamahood on the Web Week 3 will explore ways to identify and strengthen your parenting values, develop your instincts to make decision-making easier, and respecting your authentic mama heart. 

Parenthood has a way of turning priorities upside down.  It can feel pretty scary to realize that they way you intended to parent doesn't feel "right" anymore, or that the way you are parenting is harder than you expected.

In this session we will explore authentic parenting by:

  • Reflecting on what it means to mother

  • Discussing how to tap into our mothering instinct to guide us

  • Exploring strategies for reflecting on our parenting values and how they have changed

  • Sharing and connecting through story-telling, and reflective exercises

  • Talking about how to live authentically with our values despite the pressures from others and the pressure from ourselves

  • Exploring what self-care means and what it can look like for parents of young children

This session will have specific activities planned, but will also be flexible to respond to the needs and priorities of the group.  The concept of mothering is applicable to any nurturing caregiver (fathers, grandparents, and nannies) and I welcome anyone with the desire to explore their authentic nurturing role to join us.

Later Event: November 24
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