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Infant Sleep Education & Nighttime Parenting

Parenting doesn't stop when the sun Sets...


As parents, we often look forward to the period in the evening when the kids are finally in bed.  The house may be quieter, but our parenting values (and the needs of our kids) haven't gone away: they are simply 'resting'.  

How we parent our children through the night can make a big difference in how everyone in the family gets their sleep needs met.


 Making decisions about getting better quality sleep can be a challenge: sleep deprivation makes choosing what to eat for breakfast hard enough!  A little support can go a long way for helping guide decisions around night time parenting, and night time environment.

As an Occupational Therapist, I have helped parents understand the biological basis for infant sleep.  Together we choose changes to routines, the sleep environment, and expectations that can help everyone rest a little easier.  This isn't 'Sleep Training'; it's Sleep Education.

You may be interested in a consultation if:

  • You feel that you or your child are not getting the sleep you, or they, need to be healthy;

  • You’re thinking of making a night-time change (night-weaning, transition from bed sharing to toddler bed, a newborn on the way!) and you want gentle connected ways of making this change.

  • Your views on how to approach infant sleep and night time parenting have changed, and you need support in making practical, evidence-based changes to reflect this.

Getting good quality sleep feels good.  A consultation may help get you there.



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