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Infant/Child sleep workshops…

“The Art & Science of Family Sleep” explores parenting strategies that support our baby’s sleep development, while also supporting our own needs. This course is formerly “The Art & Science of Infant Sleep”: although sleep development is dramatic over the first three years, “Infant Sleep” is often interpreted as meaning the first six months. The strategies covered in my Family Sleep Workshops apply to infants and children to preschool age and beyond.

What is an infant sleep workshop?

Offered online and face to face in Niagara, these workshops focus on the art and science of infant and child sleep.

The foundation of these workshops is evidence-based and attachment-oriented with a “problem-solving framework” so that you can approach sleep challenges with confidence.

More advanced workshops (Infant Sleep 2.0 for crawlers and for toddlers) will be tailored to particular developmental ages.

Contact Heather at heather@heatherboyd.ca or see www.heatherboyd.ca/new-events for upcoming dates.