Erin Fleming, 

Owner and Founder of We Learn Naturally, and Learning in the Woods, Hamilton, ON

I have found it is difficult to find professionals who value attachment theory in their clinical practices, so I am eager to spread the word about Heather’s unique approach to families who value authentic connection and evidence-based research. Heather is reflective, articulate, and thorough in her professional approach without sacrificing warmth and relatability. 


Lindsey p.,



It is life changing for me to be able to see and hear someone else honouring who their children are and guiding them so respectfully. Up until now, I have had to rely on myself to seek out information, retain it, put it into practice, access it while I'm triggered and overwhelmed, and keep trusting in myself that it is the right thing to do.

Watching your family interact has been like someone throwing me a life ring as I'm struggling to keep my head up, allowing me to breathe, and showing me how they swim.