Erin Fleming 

Owner and Founder of We Learn Naturally, and Learning in the Woods, Hamilton, ON

I have found it is difficult to find professionals who value attachment theory in their clinical practices, so I am eager to spread the word about Heather’s unique approach to families who value authentic connection and evidence-based research. Heather is reflective, articulate, and thorough in her professional approach without sacrificing warmth and relatability. 



Three week online workshop

Parent and Health Care Professional

…[This workshop series] gave me so many tools to parent with compassion, empathy and love. It gave me confidence in my parenting style.



Owner and Doula at Built to Birth, Hamilton, Ontario

Heather is fabulous and her information is always totally in line with what we [Attachment Parents] are looking for, and that can be tough to find when looking for support around sleep




Heather listened to our challenges with incredible compassion. She acknowledged the efforts and progress that we had made which felt very validating. She was knowledgeable about so many topics (sleep, feeding, reflux, available resources, etc.) and was able to suggest several practical strategies to us. We really appreciated the support and reassurance that Heather provided. 



Parent of two

Heather's compassionate and knowledgeable approach to infant sleep has had such a positive impact on our family! Heather empowered us to continue to honor our baby's needs through attachment-based parenting, while also balancing our entire family's needs for sleep and self-care. Her unique perspective has had a long-lasting effect for our family and I highly recommend Heather's support to any new parent!